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New Jumpers


Good news!  The building of the new school is underway.  The foundations are complete and we are now moving onto the second stage of the build.  There is much excitement at the Orphanage.


Following a successful trip to the Orphanage last month, I am pleased to report that the children are looking really healthy and happy.

Great progress has been made with plans for the new school build.  The land has been agreed on and plans confirmed - the build of 7 new classrooms should begin by the end of the year.  This is fantastic news as this major project was delayed due to the pandemic.

Our 2024 calendar is now in production and should be ready in 2 weeks.  If you want to order a calendar either contact us through the website or email

We are urgently searching for sponsors and corporate donors to help cover the running costs at the Orphanage.  If you are able to help, or can put us in contact with someone who can then please contact us.


Following the Covid pandemic all our children and staff at the Orphanage are well and none of them contracted Covid, which is a great relief.

Things have been tough in the past couple of years though... Prossy suffered with her health and had a heart attack and a stroke. She is now doing well, but has lost some mobility on her right side.

The war in Ukraine has affected the cost of basic supplies hugely.  The cost of food as tripled which means our money doesn't stretch as far as it used to.

Unfortunately, we have just lost our major donor and this affects the money we can send out to the 

Orphanage for the daily running costs.  The amount we send monthly has reduced so much that we can't cover everything and the children are only on 1 meal a day at the moment.

We are appealing for sponsors - the monthly donations from our sponsors is sent out once a month to cover the running costs at the Orphanage and we desperately need to increase this to make up for the loss of our donor. If you feel you can help, any monthly amount is welcomed, then please contact us or click the 'Get involved' tab on our website.

Our plans for this year:  The building of new classrooms was put on hold due to the pandemic, but thanks to the funding raised by the Scout Group, we are now able to proceed with this and Kerry is planning a visit to the Orphanage this summer to check out the land and get the project underway.

We are also halfway through the registration process for the Primary School so the hope is to get this completed this year.


Our first class of Primary 7 students took their exams at the end of last year and I'm delighted to say that all 10 passed with flying colours and are now eligible to attend secondary school.

Our students did so well that it was talked about on the local radio and we are one of the only schools to get a 100% pass rate.

We are particularly proud of Anna, our top student, who passed with a 1st class.












We now need to raise approx. £900 per year, per student, for their secondary school fees.


We have made a lot of progress this year.  The two-room kitchen has now been built and fitted with 3 fires, chimneys, a sink with running water, and electricity.  We still need to fit out the store room with shelving but the new kitchen is working very well for the staff and children.

We also built a 2 room dormitory this summer, thanks to the generosity of Colin Serlin.  The older children were delighted to move into their new accomodation.


We also concreted the top level outside the new dormitory and built a wall allowing us to erect 10 new washing lines.  However, in december the orphanage was struck by lightning and half of the wall collapsed.  We are now trying to raise funds in order to make the relevant repairs.

Preparations were also made for the new school classrooms to be built in June 2020.  Fundraising is ongoing for this project...if you have any fundraising ideas please do not hesitate to contact us.


Happy New Year!

We have started the new year on a positive front with a the kitchen build underway.  The foundations are being done as we speak!

We are also now the chosen charity of the 'London Speech Workshop' and we look forward to working with them this year.

We have also launched our 'Happy Girl Project' which aims to provide reusable sanitary pads to girls who would otherwise miss school during their periods.  You can donate to this project by visiting the 'Happy Girl Project' page under our 'Projects' tab.


Mercy and Natalia





Method, Kennedy and Apollo





We have had a very successful summer trip with a huge amount of progress being made at the Orphanage.  A massive thank you to the Scout group that built the new dormitory block. The children are now in their new dorms and loving it!















The first job was to paint the new dorms and get the beds in.  Bright colours were chosen and handmade decorations put up.









































Thanks to a donation from the Jimenez family from Spain we were able to purchase and install some playground equipment for the children...this went down very well!!!!  Eventually we will fence around the playground and sow some grass.

















Another important job was to concrete the top 'living' level of the Orphanage.  This makes it much easier to keep clean and will hopefully help to improve the health of the children.


Once the children were in the new dorms we converted the old dormitory room into a store room.










Foundations for the new dormitorys have been started with the Scout group going out at the beginning of June to complete the build.

We have 9 new children at the Orphanage and are in desperate need of sponsors to cover the basic costs of food etc

Due to a change in Ugandan law we are now required to register the school with the Ministry of Education...this will incur a large cost of £1300 for the nursery school and another £2000+ for the Primary school.  In order to register the Primary school we also need to build some more permanent classrooms.  If you are able to help with fundraising or can donate towards this appeal it would be very gratefully received, as we are at risk of closure if the school is not registered.

It is now easier to donate - you can donate online via Paypal : just go to our 'Get Involved' page and click the 'Donate' button

 or through Total Giving





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